What Is America’s Friendliest State?

Everyone believes their home state is the best but is there a definite answer on which state is the friendliest? Big 7 Travel recently conducted a poll with their 1.5 million social media followers to see which state really is the friendliest.

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According to the poll, Minnesota is ranked top of the list at number one - which is appropriate considering the nickname "Minnesota Nice". Coming in second was Tennessee and in third was South Carolina. Clearly southern hospitality is one deciding factor of being the friendliest. Texas and Wyoming rounded out the top five of the list.

To a surprise to nobody, New York came in at the bottom of the list. The state's neighbor New Jersey was not far behind placing 46th. The East cost continued to live near the bottom with Massachusetts and Delaware placing 47th and 48th respectively. Are the results from the poll accurate? We're sure Minnesotans are happy with it!