When Their Flight Was Grounded These Passengers Received A Welcomed Surprise

If you have ever been stuck on a grounded plan for hours at a time, you are probably well aware of the struggles that can occur. You can become hungry, thirsty, and just plain agitated.

During a recent delay aboard a Delta Airlines flight, the crew decided to help out their stranded customers by ordering pizza. The crew ordered enough pizza to feed a packed plane full of passengers, and served the pizza with drinks.

The flight was grounded due to bad weather, but at least some passengers managed to enjoy themselves with free pizza.

The surprising act of flight crew kindness was caught in pictures and shared on Twitter.


The viral nature of the story is being shared across the Twitterverse with the hashtag #DeltaPizzaParty.

While free pizza won’t cure your leg cramping and the smells coming from the cabin bathrooms, it’s a nice gesture in an industry that is typically overrun with bad customer service during delays.