Wholesome Memes To Get You Through Any Tough Time

The world can be a difficult place. The internet can be even more difficult. I know it seems like there are more trolls than decent people, but that’s just because the trolls are louder. It’s time for decent folk to raise their voices and spread their memes.

Pepe is great for a laugh, but I really want to see the Australian animal that always looks good in selfies or a thicc goat who is happy about her body shape. Read ahead for all that and more!

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I would follow that dog to the ends of the earth. This is the best backpack that anyone could possibly have.

Photo Credit: wis_corp / Reddit
Photo Credit: wis_corp / Reddit

Look at his adorable face and fluffy lion’s mane. How could anybody be upset about the state of the world and look at that dog’s face at the same time?