This woman recreated celebrity Instagram photos with hilarious results

Recreate Celebrity Instagram

Comedian Celeste Barber undertook a mission over a year ago to recreate celebrity Instagram photos. Celeste adds humor to the photos of Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and more to try and bring reality into the equation of celebrities “every day” photos.

In a recent interview with Runway Riot’s Ashley Hoffman, Celeste explained that, along with creating hilarious photos, her goal is to, among other things “call bullsh*t to rich, famous, privileged people portraying their life as accessible to everyone.”

While she doesn’t say it outright, Celeste’s Instagram is about showing women that it’s okay if they don’t look like celebrities. She explained, “I get messages from teenage girls and mothers of young girls saying I’ve made them feel better about themselves. It’s super nice.

Check out some of this woman’s recreated celebrity Instagram photos below.

#1 – “Gooood morning Saturday!!!”

#2 – “@ladygaga and I progressing nicely at paddle board yoga.”

@ladygaga and I progressing nicely at paddle board yoga. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #ladygaga #yoga #celesteonellen

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#3 – “#TBT pull your hair. Put on a full length jacket ( if budget allows ) fall in the water”

#4 – “Have kids, they say.”

Have kids, they say. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #kimkardashian #northwest #parenting

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#5 – “Class.”

Class. #celestechallengeaccepted #funny #hothusband #kimkardashian #yeezy @zooeydeschanel

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#6 – “Just chillin in the sink in a jumper, and some lippy.”

#7 – “When one straw is NEVER enough.”

#8 – “Being a model is harder than you think, trust me.”

#9 – “Don’t you hate it when your doing your nails in and you get a CRAMP!?!?”

#10 – “Real love is perfect, flawless, acrobatic, stylised, timed and photogenic.”

#11 – “Sit on a basketball with no pants on, they said. It will be sexy, they said.”

#12 – “500K you guys make me want to hang my head out a window and scream!”

#13 – “Us Aussies know how to keep it nice. Am I right @rubyrose”

#14 – “Happy birthday #mirandakerr fry it all up and take a photo pretending to eat it, it’s your day do what you want.”

#15 – “Space suits, ski jackets and #spanx”

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