Your Cat’s Oddest Behaviors, Explained

Having a cat as a personal companion can be a very rewarding experience. But cats come with a lot of unusual and quirky personality traits. Have you ever wondered why your cat is always head-butting people? Or why they have to push your water bottle off the kitchen counter continuously?

Cats do some strange things that we try to make sense of. But no longer do we have to wonder why they run around the house at three in the morning! Here are the real explanations for some of our feline friends’ strangest behaviors.

Sticking Their Rear End In Your Face Is A Compliment

If you’ve been around a cat before then you are aware that they have a tendency to lift their tail and give you a full-on view of their backside. We’ll we’re here to tell you that even though it might not be the best view in the house, it is one that you should take as a compliment.

Stick Their Back-End In Your Face Is A Compliment
Soraya Blanco/Pinterest
Soraya Blanco/Pinterest

Cats lifting their tails and sticking their rear ends in your face should be taken as a sign of trust and affection. When they lift their tails it is their way of being friendly and opening up to you — take it as a compliment!