You’re Not A Puppy Anymore! Owners Recreate Pics With Their Grown Up Pups

When you first get a puppy, your first instinct is to take as many pictures and videos as you can. That way, you can always remember how impossibly cute they were. Sometimes, when you look back on these pictures, you may notice that your dog still has the same tendencies from when it was a young pup. Whether it’s sleeping with the same toy, laying under the same counter, or the way it sits in your lap. They’re the same dog they’ve always been. So here are some pictures of dogs doing the same things as when they were puppies and how they’ve changed along with their owners.

Big And Bigger

As if this puppy wasn’t big enough to begin with, we’re pretty sure that the owner could now put a saddle on the dog and ride it.

Photo Credits: MicTyson / Imgur
Photo Credits: MicTyson / Imgur

If we didn’t know any better we would think that this was an obese wolf in the wild. Look at that smile.