Zookeepers Dedicate Next Three Months To Self-Isolate With Their Animals

So many of us have turned to work from home now that we’re being asked to quarantine. However, some businesses aren’t able to just take their work home. Many businesses have been hit hard, but not everyone can just board up their doors until we’re in the clear.

While many zoos have closed their doors to visitors, there is still a need for their zookeepers to show up to work to keep all of their animals happy and healthy. One UK zoo had a couple of keepers decide to leave their homes to look after the animals full-time.

Paradise Park Is Home To Four Very Dedicated Zookeepers

As businesses began to close its doors to customers, Paradise Park made the call to close to the public in order to make sure everyone, both people and their animals, remain healthy. The zoo would still need workers to come in regularly, and four keepers, Izzy, Layla, Emily, and Sarah-Jane, decided to spend the next 12 weeks isolated with all of their animals.

three zookeepers having fun at paradise park
Photo Credit: Facebook / Paradise Park
Photo Credit: Facebook / Paradise Park