This guy adopted kittens… or so he thought

Adopting a kitten or an entire litter is a great way to give a defenseless animal a happy and healthy life. We tend to find kittens in some pretty strange places, like behind garages, under stairs, and anywhere else their momma cat could find a suitable nesting spot.

One farmer recently found four small kittens in his barn in Russia. Realizing they needed his health the man jumped into action, taking them into his home and nursing them to health.

Look how cute this kitten is!

The farmer wasn’t sure how to care for the little kittens so he contacted Daursky Nature Reserve, which was close to his farm. Experts at the reserve were shocked to realize that he had rescued four Pallas’ cats or Manuls, which are wild cats native to Central Asia.

While they look like baby kittens, they have flatter faces and ears with distinct markings.

The Farmer believes the mother was scared away by passing cars.

The Manul kittens were tiny, helpless and blind but that didn’t stop them from hissing and snapping at people who came too close.

Rescuers worked quickly to find two domestic cats to feed the kittens and the kitten mothers were happy to nurse them to health.

They ended up with Combat Disease.

When they were a month old, the kittens started showing signs of toxoplasmosis. The kittens were carefully monitored by their human foster mother. At the same time, they started showing more signs of feral activity.

Two of the kittens survived the disease.

The Pallas cats had a propensity to attack humans, which means they needed to be reintroduced into their natural environment.

The young Manuls were released into their natural habitat with radio collars. They were not handling the winter months well and were returned to the reserve to regain their strength.

Just look at how beautiful these cats turned out after suffering from a near death experience!