When Cats Ride Dogs, Everything Seems Right With The World

Cats and dogs might have a tumultuous relationship from time to time, but oftentimes house pets will learn to live together in harmony. These cats and dogs take that harmony one step further.

Watch as these silly cats ride their puppy and dog friends as if they are tamed horses.

1. Catching a ride on his canine friend.

Cat Rides Dog - So Cute Via: Cheezburger

2. Cats can run really fast or they can catch a fast ride.

Via: Flickr Via: Flickr

3. A Cat Riding A Sunglasses Wearing Dog. Oddly Cool.

Cat Riding Sunglasses Wearing Dog Funny Picture of the Day

4. Kitten Finally Gets The Upper Hand… Or Rather Upper Head.

Kitten Riding On Dogs Head Via: YouTube

5. Mush doggy! I have places to go and people to see.

Mush Dog Mush - Cat Rides Husky Via: Pinterest

6. This is how city cats get some fresh air.

City Cat Rides On Dogs Back Via: Downtown Pet

7. This city cat rides a dog, While a rat rides the cat.

8. Here’s a video of a cat that constantly rides their dog sibling.

9. This dog doesn’t look thrilled to be giving a cat a free ride.

Black Cat Rides Dog Via: Really Cute Stuff

10. And yet another cat riding a dog in the city.

11. A dog’s thoughts about being ridden by a cat.

Funny Dog Reaction to Cat Riding Via: Funny Fidos

12. Two kittens riding a rottweiler.

Two Kittens riding a Rottweiler Via: DumpADay

13. Inside the mind of cats.

Cats take Over Dogs and Humans Are Next Via: The Meta Picture“>Via: The Meta Picture

14. Turning the tables. Puppy rides a cat.

Dog Rides Cat - So Cute Via: Funny Animals

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