Grandma Calls a Wrong Number and Sparks an Unlikely Friendship

Callie Hall/Facebook

What do you do when you get a call from a number you don’t recognize? These days, people usually let it go to voicemail, knowing that if it was important, the caller would leave a message. That’s precisely what Callie Hall of Columbia, South Carolina did when she started getting calls from an unrecognized number back in October 2017.

The person who called actually did leave a message. It was someone named Grandmama Margaret, who was calling for her grandson Barry. Callie subsequently called the woman back to let her know that she had the wrong number – but it would take a while for her to realize it. Grandmama Margaret called every two weeks or so to check in on her grandson Barry, and Callie would always call her back to let her know she still had the wrong number. This went on for several months and every time Callie and Margaret were on the phone they would chat for a bit.

It wasn’t until December of that year that Grandmama Margaret figured out Barry’s real number and finally, she called Callie and left a message that said, “Merry Christmas Callie! I figured out Barry’s number. Thank you for being my friend. Love you, later.” Callie thought she would never hear from Margaret again until a week later, when the latter left a message that said, “Hi Callie, this is Grandmama Margaret. I am calling just to say have a good day. Love you and you have a good day. Call me. Love you, later.”

Callie was thrilled and called Grandmama Margaret right back. These short conversations brought joy to Callie, who found out six months before Grandmama Margaret’s first call that her parents were getting divorced. The news was hard on Callie but her unlikely phone friendship always brought a smile to her face.

They continued to chat on the phone for about a year and a half before they finally arranged to meet each other for the first time. In March 2019, Callie’s mom drove her to Grandmama Margaret’s house and they took her out to lunch. “I am beyond blessed this sweet lady called the wrong number. Who would have known that a wrong number would have created such an amazing friendship? Grandmama Margaret is not only a friend, but she is now family,” Callie said on Love What Matters.