Scientists want to name this Octopus ‘adorabilis’ because it’s so adorable


Since 1990 scientists have been collecting samples of a flapjack octopus and they want to officially name it “adorabilis” because it’s… well… so adorable.

Stephanie Bush, a postdoctoral researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California, said that she is considering the scientific name Opisthoteuthis Adorabili.

Opisthoteuthis is the same genus as Pearl, the pink flapjack octopus in “Finding Nemo.”

The octopus is tiny at just 7 inches in diameter, and it lives in the deep sea, and has a web between its legs, allowing it to “parachute” through the water. It uses the fins on its mantle to steer.

octopus adoriblis

Here’s a video that further explains this adorable little Octopus species.

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