18 Humans Who Wear Their Dogs Like Beards. These Are All Funny

Dogs are awesome in so many ways. But we never thought about wearing them like a fun beard. These pet owners have taken perfectly placed photos that make them look like some sort of dog and human hybrid.

If you have time make your own dog beard and send it our way, we would love to add more human/dog beards to our list.


Wear Your Dog Like A Beard


This Dog Face on a Human is Hilarious


Super Funny Dog Beard On Human


If Humans Had Dog Faces


Humans Wearing Dog Beards


Human Dog Face Hybrid


Human Dog Face


Human And Dog Face Hybrid


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Hilarious Dog Bear On Human
Funny Face Helped Along By Dog
Funny and Hilarious Dog Face
Epic Dog Beard
Dogs Worn As Beards
Dog Face On Human
Dog Face On A Human Being
Dog Beard Selfie
Awesome Human Dog Face
Amazon Human Dog Beard

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