Adorable Horse Is Reunited With His Favorite Teddy Bear

Unfortunately, animals find themselves far from home pretty often. This can be because they get lost, stolen, or orphaned. Luckily, there are places in the world where lost animals can find a new home. The Mare and Foal Sanctuary in England is one of those places.

When foals become orphaned or abandoned, this place takes them in. Keep reading to find out what happened to a little foal who found comfort in an unlikely friend.

A New Friend For Breeze

Breeze-10-days-old-with teddy bear
Photo Credit: Mare and Foal Sanctuary / Facebook
Photo Credit: Mare and Foal Sanctuary / Facebook

This little foal’s name is Breeze. He was born in 2013. Unfortunately, Breeze was rejected by his mother, so he had to be taken to the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, England. The employees and volunteers at the sanctuary noticed that Breeze was lonely, and they wanted to do something to cheer him up.

That’s when Breeze met Buttons, a teddy bear that was almost as big as he was. Pretty soon, Breeze and Buttons became best friends.