These Birthday Cakes Make Fun Of Growing Old, #2 Is Hilarious

With age comes great responsibility. We must pass on our knowledge to a younger generation, and show them how to live a forward facing, honest, and overall good life.

On the other hands, when our children and younger friends make us “you’re getting old” cakes, we can’t help but ignore that wisdom and just laugh.

Sure these cakes make fun of getting older, but they show a lot of love that went into their very intricate, and ultimately unique designs.

1. 50 – The Ultimate “F” Word

50 Years Old Birthday Cake

2. 40 Isn’t That Old, But This Cake Is Hilarious

Depends Birthday Cake

3. Happy Birthday – You Are Old Enough To Die Now

4. Old Fart At 40-Years-Old? Whoopie Cushion Cake 5. Old Man WIth A Walker Cake 6. Holy Crap You’re Old – A Hilarious Birthday Cake

Get In Your Grave Birthday Cake
Old Fart Whoopie Cushion Cake
Old Man With Walker Birthday Cake
Toilet Paper Birthday Cake

7. Much Amaze At Your Age – Birthday Cake

Sure growing old means back pain and hip replacements, but just look on the positive side, at least your friends and family will always be there to remind you that you are getting older, and if you are lucky, they will remind you in such a way that you can’t help but laugh out loud.