Dad Turns Baby Into Astronaut with Amazing Onesie

Ben Brucker took an ordinary white onesie and turned it into an amazing astronaut spacesuit for his four-month old baby, Maya.

Maya was having trouble sleeping so Ben bought his newborn a Magic Sleepsuit, a thick onesie that is supposed to help an infant sleep.

“It’s extraordinarily puffy and funny looking, and it already looked pretty ridiculous,” Brucker explains. “Emily and I referred to it as her spacesuit. When she’d go down for a nap, we’d tell her she’s going to the moon.”

Brucker, a graphic designer, wanted something unique for his child so he got to work. He purchased an American flag patch and a NASA emblem.

The little girl’s grandmother took over sewing duty, adding  the patches onto the outfit.

Here is the final result. So cute!!!

Brucker posted the experiment on social media and it went over just as well as expected.

Brucker ultimately made the spacesuit for his wife. “She’s been a bit stressed, and we are extremely sleep deprived, so I did this entirely to make her laugh,” he explains. “I wanted to turn something that was stressing us out into something that makes us smile.”

Based on his wife reaction I would say “mission successful.”

We don’t know if the new sleepsuit will help baby Maya catch some z’s but here’s to hoping it’s a big success.

“Taking care of a 4-month-old is difficult and hectic, especially when you’re not getting any sleep,” he explains. “But you gotta try to have fun in any way you can. As they say, blink and you’ll miss it.”