Fire Tornado? These Natural Occurrences Actually Exist

If you don’t live in areas where these natural occurrences exist, you might not believe they are real.

From fire rainbows to red tides, they natural examples of mother nature absolutely floored me.

I would personally die of a heart attack if I saw a fire tornado heading my way!

Vertical Light Pillars

Strange Natural Occurrences

Mammatus “bubble” clouds

Red Tide Blue HolesHaboob Dust Storms Oddly shaped columnar basalt Rainbow bark Fire Rainbows Fire Tornadoes Foxfire or Fairy Fire – Glow In The Dark Fungus

strange natural occurrence
Red Tide - Natural Occurrence
Really Weird Natural Occurrence
Really Cool Natural Occurrence
Really Awesome Natural Occurrence
Real In Mother Nature - Natural Occurrences
Awesome Natural Occurrence
Crazy natural occurrence
Natural Occurence