Hilarious Mother’s Day Cards From Kids Saying What’s Really On Their Minds

Remember crafting those Mother’s Day cards in class as kids? Those messy little masterpieces would hang on the fridge forever. Especially when they’re unintentionally (or intentionally) hilarious, like the kid who started his card with “you smell like cheese” making his mom’s morning awkward and funny at the same time.

Kids write the darndest things, and here you’ll find the funniest Mother’s Day cards ever given on Mother’s Day. Dig up your old letters to your mom and see if any of yours compete with these children’s comedic genius.

Happy Mother’s Day! We Didn’t Make Breakfast!

The Mother’s Day tradition of offering breakfast in bed runs strong in this family. Except when Melanie can’t make pancakes. Or when they have eggs, but no bacon. Obviously, you can’t make eggs without bacon; that would be anarchy.

mothers day card we didnt make breakfast

At least the child was kind enough to include why they didn’t make mom breakfast in her card. The mom will likely have an enjoyable Mother’s Day, making breakfast for everyone like she usually does.