Learn to make an Origami Darth Vader

Origami Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of the greatest villains in Hollywood history but he has never looked more adorable than he does as a Darth Vader origami creation.

The most feared man in the Galactic Republic was transformed by origami master Tadashi Mori.

Tadashi not only shows off his origami creation, he also provides step-by-step directions so you can create your own Darth Vader origami figure. 

It’s not a simple process but if you watch and following closely you’ll be just fine:

Here are just a few of the folds you will need to create as you build your very first Darth Vader origami figure.

how to make a Darth Vader origami
Darth Vader origami creation
Awesome origami Darth Vader