This Depressed Military Vet Was Depressed Until He Opened His Christmas Present

It’s easy to forget that many of our veterans who return to civilian life have a hard time adjusting. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a massive change in routine can leave vets feeling lonely, confused, and ultimately, depressed.

One Marine had been having a difficult time adjusting for almost three years after coming back home to Tallahassee, Florida. It took one present to change his life forever.

26-year-old Peter Coukoulis was battling daily bouts of PTSD when his mom, Dena, came up with a surprise that helped him get through the harder days.


Coukolis’ mom gathered their family a few weeks before Christmas and they gifted the young man an awesome present.

When he opened the box to reveal a tiny Beagle inside he couldn’t hold back his tears.

It was a simple present but brought the veteran so much joy.


“The puppy has already changed Peter’s life; it has made him happy after a very difficult three years,” Dena said.

Here’s a video of the big reveal.