These musicians make music by using lightning

The sounds that we hear every day are created by our brain’s best interpretation of vibrations in the air. We classify the musical instruments that made music based on the method they use to create vibrations. That’s where strings, brass, woodwind, and percussions instruments get their name.

In the 21st century a group of musicians are using something a little more electrifying to create music — LIGHTNING!

Music made from lightning

Joe Hanson of It’s Okay To Be Smart and Dianna Cowern, better known as Physics Girl, recently visited ARCATTACK, a group that uses Tesla coils to make musical lightning.

The electricity discharges from the coil into the air as a lightning bolt and the created temperature surge triggers a shock wave.

Lighting Music

Specific notes are changed by using different frequencies. A computer program is able to alter the signal sent to the coil, which makes it possible to write a song for the lightning to play.

Check out ARCATTACK’s electrifying tunes in the video below.