Pawpaw Eating With His Late Wife And Other Tender Grandparents That Made Us Cry

Our grandparents are some seriously awesome people – without them, there would be no us. Besides being everlasting pillars of support and kindness, they also do stuff that makes our hearts completely seize up and feel the ‘awwwhhhhhh.’

After a tweet about someone’s Pawpaw eating lunch at a wedding with his late wife went viral, we wanted to compile a list of all the sweet things our grandparents do. Do we deserve them? No, no we don’t. They’re salts of the Earth and we should cherish them.

Pawpaw Ate Dinner With Memorial To His Late Wife At His Granddaughter’s Wedding

When his granddaughter Sarah got married, this grandfather sat down to share the special moment with a memorial to his late wife. She would’ve wanted to be there with them for the special moment, so it’s a good thing they had her there in some way so she could spend it with the people she loved.

grandfather sitting eating with memorial to grandmother at wedding
Photo Credit: @maosoo3h / Twitter
Photo Credit: @maosoo3h / Twitter

This tweet went completely viral after it was posted by the bride. Yeah, this one is a tear-jerker. She captured such a tender moment that definitely reminds us of all the sweet things our grandparents do.