Shelter Puppy With A Perfect Handlebar Mustache Is Making Hearts Melt

In July 2019, a mama and her stray litter of shepherd-mix puppies were brought into Hearts & Bones Rescue in Dallas, Texas. There, volunteers cared for the litter of eleven puppies for two weeks. The more time they spent with the pups, the more they noticed their very distinguished markings on their faces. Many of the shepherd puppies had black markings on their faces, that reminded the volunteers of a man’s facial hair. One pup, in particular, caught their eye…

Hearts & Bones Rescue/Facebook
Hearts & Bones Rescue/Facebook

This pup had a black marking on his face that almost exactly resembled a handlebar mustache! They decided to nickname the puppy “Salvador Dolly” while they searched for a home for her and her siblings. Allison Seelig, one of the volunteers at Hearts & Bones Rescue told The Dodo, “Honestly, her siblings are also so cute so we were all oohing and ahhing over the whole group of them when we met them!”

A local family kindly took in the entire dog family while the pups were still nursing. After, they were brought to another shelter in New York City where they have a better chance of getting adopted. So we mustache you a question… how can you not adopt this cute pup?