Target Did Something That Have Moms Raving

It wasn’t too long ago that Target came under fire for asking a mom to stop feeding her child. Now, the company has done an 180, creating comfortable areas for moms to relax with their babies to feed.

The company recently started building “Nursing Nooks” at stores throughout the United States. The areas are built to offer a comfortable resting place for moms who need to feed their children while out and about.

Target’s new feeding nooks were first spotted by popular Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

The post has received over 21,000 likes. Customers have commented that Target hasn’t hidden these nooks but put them right out in the open. 

Other internet users quickly started posting nooks they found at their local Target stores.

Target representative Kristy Welker said in an interview with Scary Mommy that the lounges will soon become a staple at Target stores all over the United States.

“In late 2016, we began testing designated nursing rooms at two stores in Minnesota. We will continue to evaluate guest feedback on this test to determine broader rollout to additional stores and we always appreciate hearing from our guests about how we can better meet their needs.”

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