Teen raises $500,000 singing then gives it all to a 5-year-old with cancer

Most 14-year-olds are busy playing video games and hanging out with friends. 14-year-old Abby Miller is not your typical teenager.

Abby found out her 5-year-old friend Taylor Love was suffering from a rare form of cancer and she wanted to help her out. In her spare time, the 14-year-old practiced her guitar and singing skills, hoping to raise money for the little gir.

Abby met her young friend in 2008 when the young cancer patient was only 18 months old. Taylor was diagnosed with stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer with no known cure.

Abby eventually started recording videos of herself singing songs dedicated to Taylor and posting them on YouTube. She moves on from there to hold two fundraisers for Taylor, and she even sang on the street to raise money for cancer research.

The two grow very close and consider each other sisters.

In 3 years, Abby has helped raised almost $500,000 for Taylor and research into her specific type of cancer.

The video below shows Taylor standing in front of her middle school assembly to sing a song written by Andy Grube specifically for Taylor.

Before Taylor can take the mic, Abby’s mom thanks her for all she has done for the little girl.

“She has shown people all around the world, and I mean all around the world, that anyone can make a difference, no matter what you do,” says Taylor’s mom. “And Abby has made a tremendous difference in Taylor’s life”

Get the tissues ready and watch the video.