These Photos Of Dogs Catching Treats Are Pawsitively Hilarious

German photographer Christian Vieler isn’t your everyday portrait guy. He specializes in capturing dogs in the moment of pure joy—when they’re about to catch a treat. Vieler began snapping these hilarious photos in 2016 has since worked as a full-time dog photographer. For him, it’s all about having fun and getting up close and personal with his four-legged subjects. Check out the hilarious expressions of these dogs and their dopey faces as they try (and sometimes fail) to catch that treat.

The Best Treat For The Goodest Boy

dog treat 5

The project began almost as an accident. Vieler was working as a portrait photographer since 2013 and bought a new portable flash which allowed his camera to work with a 1/8000th of a second shutter speed.

He tested out the new flash with his own dog, Lotte, and started throwing treats for fun. Vieler told CNN that when he went back to the hard drive a few days later, he realized just “how funny the shots were.”