This Japanese Robot Feeds Tomatoes To Runners While Sitting On Their Shoulders

Meet Tomatan, the newest and strangest robot to be produced by engineers in Japan. Kagome is an 18 pound robot that you wear on your shoulders while you run. His goal? To feed runners up to seven tomatoes as they go for a jog.

Tomatan is the brainchild of Kagome, a company that not surprisingly, specialized in tomatoes.

The company is attempting to show that tomatoes can provide the nutrients that will help marathoners and long-distance runners to the finish line. In one video for the robot the company proclaims, “Tomatoes are excellent with Sports… But why aren’t tomatoes eaten on the sports scenes? What is missing in tomatoes is just mobility.”

I’m not sure if wearing an 18 pound robot on your shoulders will help win a marathon, but at least you get to eat seven delicious tomatoes along the way.

[H/T to our friends at WellATL]