Thousands Of Strangers Donate Money To Save This Teen’s Life

An Irish teenager has received a new lease on life after thousands of complete strangers came forward to donate money.

In 2015, Shauntelle Tynan was diagnosed with multi-system Langheran’s cell histiocytosis, an incredibly rare form of cancer for which there is only one specialist in the world.

Doctors in Ireland worked their hardest to keep the young girl alive, but her best chance for long-term survival was a specialist in Houston, Texas.

The cost of the trip to Texas and all associated costs was a mind-boggling $528,000.

At first, a GoFundMe page was setup but its goal fell short.

Hoping for a miracle, Shauntelle took to YouTube to explain her situation and plead for help.

It took less than 48 hours for more than €475k (roughly $450,000) to be donated.

“The people of Ireland have truly came together to help me get better and for that I’m truly thankful,” she wrote on Facebook.

“The good always outshines the bad and I now have a true chance at beating this and it is all down to all who shared, commented and donated,” she added.

Leona Tynan, Shauntelle’s mom, was obviously shocked and thankful. “I haven’t stopped crying, I haven’t slept,” Leona said.

“We live in a mighty little country and I can’t believe that people have been so good.”

The young girls campaign is the largest social giving campaign ever conducted for a single individual in Ireland.

The thankfully teen will remain in Houston for at least one year while she received treatment for the disease.

Check out Shauntelle’s touching video.